Images 4 Change is an organization that raises awareness using the power of visual storytelling. 

Our 4 primary objectives:

1. Highlighting organizations that are changing the world for the better

2. Using the power of visual storytelling to offer new insights on various topics to raise awareness

3. building compassion, love, and community through volunteer opportunities

4.  Raising funds for related projects


Images 4 change was founded in 2017 by Denisse Springer. As a full-time photographer and avid traveler, Denisse was looking for ways to use her skills to create some positive change in this world. That's when Images 4 change was created.

The idea came to her while she was traveling in Vietnam. With her camera always in hand, she stumbled upon a Buddhist temple and started photographing some of the people roaming the temple grounds. There was one particular homeless couple there who allowed her to photograph them. 

"When I dug into my pocket to give them some money, all I had left was a granola bar. I felt horrible". This experience was stuck in her mind for months to come. What is the point of this thought-provoking street photography if it doesn't provide any information on the topic at hand or how we can help somehow.

She thought of ways to give back using her photography the during her 15 hour flight back to America. Images 4 change was created on that flight.

"I realize that even our bad experiences can create a needed change in us, and subsequently, a change in this world"






can help some of the subjects that she photographs.